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  • All heat flow determinations in Hungary in the last 30 years, and some heat flow determinations in Slovakia

  • Geothermal conditions of Hungary in Hurtig et al. (1992) Geothermal Atlas of Europe

  • Geothermal resources of Hungary in Hurter and Haenel (2002) Atlas of Geothermal Resources in Europe

  • Conception for the development of utilization of the geothermal energy in Hungary. Project made for the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Water Resources, 2004.

  • Modeling of water flow and heat transport in a low enthalpy geothermal reservoir, which is planned to be utilized for power production. Project conducted for the Hungarian Oil Company (MOL), 2004.

  • "Geothermal Power" 4.1030/Z/02-045 ALTENER project, 2004-05