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High enthalpy projects:

  • European GE-Islebar project. Removal barriers to the development of geothermal resources in European peripheral islands (project 5FP, 2001-2002);

  • Projects BRGM-ADEME-FEDER-Région Martinique. Geothermal exploration in Martinique for the Lamentin plain and the Montagne Pelée-Morne Rouge area (1999-2001, 2001-2003);

  • Project BRGM-Regional Council of La Réunion (Geothermal exploration in the Piton des Neiges, La Réunion island) (2000-2001);

  • BRGM-ADEME French Projects about the development of the geothermal field of Bouillante (Guadeloupe) (2000-2002, 2002-2004, 2006-2007);

  • European I-GET project: Integrated Geophysical Exploration Technologies for deep fractured geothermal systems (6FP, 2005-2007).

EGS Projects:
  • European Hot Dry Rock programme 1992-1995"at Soultz (Joule 2);

  • European Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Research program: Soultz phase II (1996-1997);

  • Hot Dry Rock Energy (2001-2004), 5 FP;

  • GEFRAC Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modelling of the Soultz site (2001-2002, 2003-2004, 2005-2007), Ademe-BRGM projects;

  • EGS Pilot Plant (2004-2007): European geothermal project for the construction of a scientific pilot plant based on an Enhanced Geothermal System, 6FP;

  • ENGINE project (2005-2008): ENhanced Geothermal Innovative Network for Europe, Coordination action, 6FP.

Low to medium enthalpy Projects:

  • Joule 2 "Improvement of the Injectivity Index of Argillaceous Sandstone" (1993-1995);

  • Clastiq (2006-2007): Clayed Sandstones in Question (BRGM-ADEME);

  • COPGEN (2003-2005): Geothermal evaluation of the Limagne area (French massif central) (BRGM-ADEME).

Multi energy project

CAMELIA. Concerted Action Multigeneration Energy systems with locally Integrated Applications, 2002-2006, 6FP.

GROUNDHIT: Ground Coupled Heat Pumps of High Technology, (6FP, 2004-2008);

LOW BIN, Efficient Low Temperature Geothermal Binary Power (6FP, 2006-2008);

GROUND-REACH: Reaching the Kyoto targets by means of a wide introduction of ground-coupled heat pumps (GCHP) in the built environment (6FP, 2006-2008).