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ENERGIE NNE5-1999/041 MIDES “Milos geothermal energy driven ORC turbo-generator and seawater desalination plant” (2000-2004). CRES activities included drilling exploration of Vounalia area in Milos island.

THERMIE GE-081-98-HE/DE LANGADAS “Langadas Geothermal Cascade Utilization System” (1999-2002). CRES activities included field flow and temperature measurements and drilling exploration.

THERMIE GE-438-94-HE KIMOLOS “Desalination of seawater with low enthalpy geothermal energy on Kimolos island” (1994-2000). CRES activities included geoelectric (Shlumberger) soundings, geochemical sampling and analysis and drilling exploration.

THERMIE GE-002-97-AT/HE EGRA “Energy from Geothermal Resource in Austria” (1998-1999). CRES provided expert advise on deep drilling exploration in Geinberg.

GREEK-GERMAN Cooperation Program GSRT-3.01A.6A “Vitrinite reflectance and fluorescence geothermometry” (1995-1996) Collaboration with RWTH-Aachen.

CRES & MUNICIPALITY OF KIMOLOS ACTIVITY “Prassa, Kimolos exploratory borehole” (1991). Exploration drilling, lithological and geochemical analysis.

PENED 89-162 “Vitrinite reflectance geothermometer in geothermal fields of Greece” (1989-1992).

VALOREN GEMEE “Soussaki Geothermal Field Development” (1991-1992). CRES provided expert advise on drilling exploration.