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conference Special meeting (WP2, WP3) - Potsdam, Germany   from Thursday 27 April 2006 (08:00)
to Friday 28 April 2006 (18:00)
at GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam ( Building H, rooms HS1 and HS2 )
files How to get to GFZ;  files Where to stay 

Thursday 27 April 2006 toptop

08:30->12:00    Steering Committee meeting (Convener: Patrick Ledru ) files Agenda pdf file;   files Minutes pdf file  
Participants: members of the steering committee only 

12:00->14:00    Lunch break

14:00->18:00    WP2 meeting (Convener: Philippe Calcagno ) files Agenda pdf file;   files Minutes pdf file;   files Presentations  
Participants: ENGINE Partners

Friday 28 April 2006 toptop

08:30->12:00    WP3 meeting (Convener: Adele Manzella, Thomas Kohl ) files Agenda pdf file;   files Minutes pdf file  
Participants: ENGINE Partners  and others 

08:30->12:00    WP2 practical works (Convener: Philippe Calcagno )
Participants: WP2 delegates and partners

12:00->14:00    Lunch break

14:00->18:00    Visit to drillsite Groß Schönebeck (Convener: Ernst Huenges )
Description: Optional for interested meeting participants
More information about the site here
Please contact Angela Spalek to register and to organise the lift before April 26th

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