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Drilling cost effectiveness and feasibility of high-temperature drilling - Reykjavik, Iceland, Workshop4
Drilling cost effectiveness and feasibility of high-temperature drilling - Reykjavik, Iceland, Workshop4
1-5 July 2007 ISOR
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Geothermal drilling with modern highly automated rigs - a drilling contractor's perspective
The company Jardboranir hf. has been leading in the 
harneshing of geothermal energy in Iceland. It works 
on the international market providing rigs and 
project management and prides itself to provide a 
service in an safe, efficient and a dependable manner. 
Today practically all drilling work in high temerature 
geothermal wells in Iceland are done by Jardboranir 
with about 7000 wells drilled. Today about 4% of high 
temperature geothermal wells in the world was 
drilled by Jardboranir. 
The lecture will give an overview of the company 
history, its operations both in Iceland and abroad and 
the organizational structure of the company.  Emphasis 
will be put on giving a thorough overview of the 
management of the company with special attention on 
how we maintain a high standard in worker safety 
and environmental protection.  
Jardboranir specializes in geothermal drilling with 
modern highly automated rigs. The new fleet of rigs 
have made it possible to shorten the average time 
for drilling an 2200m well from 45 days to about 35 
days. Jardbornanir is a drilling contractor that is able to 
offer a comprehensive service with rigs that 
have a drilling capacity down to over 4000 m depth and 
can drill both vertical and deviated wells. Since last year 
the company can also offer under balance 
drilling that has increased the drilling speed because of 
a better return of drilling fluid to the surface and 
therefore reducing the likelihood of the rig 
getting stuck in the well. An overview will be given of 
the main technical specification of Jardboranir fleet of 
rigs with special attention to the newest 
addition and how they with automation of rigs have 
increased speed, accuracy and safety in the drilling 
process. Finally the Jardboranir vision to the future will 
be explained.
Id: 30
Place: ISOR
Grensasvegur 9
Room: Vidgelmir
Starting date:
02-Jul-2007   14:20
Duration: 20'
Primary Authors: Mr. STEFANSSON, Ari (Icland Drilling LTD.)
Presenters: Mr. STEFANSSON, Ari
Material: slides Slides

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