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Exploring High Temperature reservoirs: new challenges for geothermal energy - Volterra, Italy, Workshop2
Exploring High Temperature reservoirs: new challenges for geothermal energy - Volterra, Italy, Workshop2
1-4 April 2007 Volterra, Tuscany, Italy
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High temperatures and Variscan structure of Western Poland
Polish geothermal resources are classified as low enthalpy. However, higher 
temperatures are expected in the younger Paleozoic Platform characterized by 
60-90 mW/m2 Heat Flow (HF). It is decreasing in North Eastern Poland reaching 
40-50 mW/m2 at the old Precambrian craton.  
The Paleozoic Platform (28-34 km thick) and up to 10 km thick sedimentary 
cover (Guterch i Grad, 1996) is accompanied by increased HF, elevated mantle 
HF, and thin thermal lithosphere of less than 100 km (Majorowicz, 2005). High 
HF anomaly axis agrees with the Dolsk Fault course and the Variscides extent. 
The Variscan Front lines up with increased surface gradient of HF. Rapid HF 
decline correlates with Trans European Suture Zone and it is explicitly seen at 
temperature cross sections below 1.5 – 2 km. The temperatures of the upper 
part (less than 1.5-2 km) may be influenced by long surface temperature 
changes (Gorbachev, 1995; Szewczyk and Giętka, 2003; Wróblewska and 
Majorowicz, 2006). The temperature pattern at 1 and 2 km depth does not 
reflect tectonic structure but a general division between the platforms 
(Precambrian-cold vs. Paleozoic-warm). Deeper temperature patterns from -4 
km(max. T 150 oC) and -5 km (max. T 175 oC) are in good correlation with the 
course of the Variscides Front Zone occurence. 

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Brisbane, Toronto, Singapore. J. Willey.
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Precambrian and Variscan Europe in Poland. Publs. Inst. Geophys. Pol. Acad. 
Sc., M-18 (273), 67-73.
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Zone in Poland. Geological Quaterly v.48, no.1 : 1-14
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underground temperatures: Continental energy balance, land  - surface 
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north – west Poland. Prace PIG 188: 69-76
Id: 16
Place: Volterra, Tuscany, Italy
Campus SIAF, SP del Monte Volterrano
Localita' Il Cipresso
Volterra, Italy
Starting date:
02-Apr-2007   12:03
Duration: 03'
Primary Authors: Ms. WROBLEWSKA, Marta (Polish Geological Institute)
Co-Authors: Dr. MAJOROWICZ, Jacek (Northern Geothermal, Edmonton, Canada and University of North Dakota, Northern Plains Climate Research Center, USA;)
Presenters: Ms. WROBLEWSKA, Marta
Material: slides Slides
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