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Final Conference - Vilnius, Lithuania
Final Conference - Vilnius, Lithuania
12-15 February 2008 Le Méridien Villon
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Geothermal power is developing branch of a science, directly connected to searching, investigation and estimation of geothermal deposits (reservoirs). Realization of such estimation is essentially facilitated using modern geoinformation technologies and systems. We have some developments now, such as «The electronic 3D-atlas of Daghestan», the thematic module «Geothermal objects» within the framework of the atlas and the technology for construction a thematic map by diverse data. The developments are not finished yet. The last  one (from listed) is planed to integrate into the atlas to provide its self-expansibility. 
In the end of 2008 it is planed to release the first version of «The electronic 3D-atlas» soft, focused to the geothermal power investigation. The atlas data will contain: 1) digital elevation model, 2) thematic texture «Vegetation», 3) thematic texture «By altitude», 4) thematic texture «Administrative division» 5) theme «Water-basins», 6) theme «Rivers, Channels», 7) theme «Highways», 8) theme «Railways», 9) theme «Cities», 10) theme «Settlements», 11) theme «Cities’ names», 12) thematic module «Geothermal objects», 13) thematic module «Temperature field».
Id: 4
Place: Le Méridien Villon
Vilnius, Lithuania
Starting date:
13-Feb-2008   10:45
Duration: 20'
Contribution type: poster
Primary Authors: Prof. ALKHASOV, Alibek (Director)
Dr. KAIMARAZOV, Alexander (Scientific secretary)
Dr. KOBZARENKO, Dmitry (Senior scientific employee)
Presenters: Dr. KOBZARENKO, Dmitry
Material: poster Poster
Included in track: Poster Session - Information and dissemination system

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