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Final Conference - Vilnius, Lithuania
Final Conference - Vilnius, Lithuania
12-15 February 2008 Le Méridien Villon
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Exploration and assessment of geothermal resources in Poland
Because of geological conditions on area of Poland, which have more or less in common with those of other new EU member states in central and eastern Europe, low-enthalpy geothermal resources are available for commercial utilisation and are a quite abundant there. Relatively low geothermal gradient means heat and electricity generation with the use of geothermal resources would be possible in Poland provided reservoir media are available at depths greater than 3 km, where often either no data are available or no suitable reservoir properties occur. By now  working geothermal plants of Poland are located in Podhale (the biggest) and in number sites on Polish Lowlands. Mesozoic aquifers of Polish Lowlands have a huge geothermal potential, and several sites have been assessed and their feasibility evaluated in some cases. Geothermal resources of metamorphic, fractured rocks and Carpathian flysch are of secondary importance. Though a general picture of geothermal basins and perspective geological formations is known in Poland, characterisation of geothermal sites needs a comprehensive evaluation of geological setting in order to provide sufficient information for further studies, including the reservoir modelling. Our company provides services on recognition of geological formations and structures perspective for the occurrence of geothermal resources. Such studies, where we use especially geoelectric and electromagnetic geophysical methods, constitute an important step of the geothermal site characterisation and assessment.
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Place: Le Méridien Villon
Vilnius, Lithuania
Starting date:
13-Feb-2008   10:45
Duration: 20'
Contribution type: poster
Primary Authors: Dr. WOJCICKI, adam (pbg)
Presenters: Dr. WOJCICKI, adam
Material: poster Poster
Included in track: Poster Session - Investigation of Unconventional Geothermal Resources and EGS

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