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Increasing policy makers' awareness and the public acceptance - Athens, Greece, Workshop6
Increasing policy makers' awareness and the public acceptance - Athens, Greece, Workshop6
13-14 September 2007 Hotel Holiday Inn, Athens, Greece
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GTR-H - GeoThermal Regulations for Heat in Europe
The IEEA, Altener funded GeoThermal Regulation – Heat (GTR-H ( project 
will review and establish the regulatory barriers and deficiencies for geothermal heat 
resources of four, unregulated EU target countries through a process of discussion and 
consultation with key target actors and stakeholders at a national level.  The ‘target’ 
countries are Hungary, Ireland, Northern Ireland/UK and Poland.   A review of the current 
best practice regulatory frameworks in three ‘example’ countries will be carried out.  The 
regulated countries are France, Germany and Netherlands and expertise in these 
jurisdictions will provide a review of geothermal legislation and regulation currently in place 
through key, national stakeholder interviews and study tours to assess the effectiveness 
of the regulations.  This review will be combined to provide national framework 
documents in the four target countries aimed at increasing overall sectoral investment in 
geothermal energy for the exploration and exploitation of heat across the EU.  
Following from the national framework documents, guidelines for the establishment of 
geothermal regulation in other EU countries will be provided and disseminated to a 
broader international audience.  The GTR-H project will build on previous EU projects such 
as K4RES-H in the renewable energy sector.
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Place: Hotel Holiday Inn, Athens, Greece
50 Michalacopoulou st, 11528, Athens
Room: Cosmos B, C
Starting date:
13-Sep-2007   15:20
Duration: 20'
Contribution type: Talk
Primary Authors: Ms. GOODMAN, Roisin (CSA Group)
Mr. PASQUALI, Riccardo (CSA Group)
Co-Authors: Ms. JANCZY, Agnieszka (CSA Group)
Mr. LL JONES, Gareth (CSA Group)
Mr. REAY, Derek (GSNI/BGS)
Dr. HÁMOR, Tamás (Hundarian Office for Mining and Geology)
Ms. JAUDIN, Florence (brgm)
Ms. KEPINSKA, Beata (Polish Academy of Sciences)
Mr. SANNER, Burkhard (EGEC)
Mr. BUSSMAN, Werner (GtV)
Presenters: Ms. GOODMAN, Roisin
Material: slides Slides

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