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Increasing policy makers' awareness and the public acceptance - Athens, Greece, Workshop6
Increasing policy makers' awareness and the public acceptance - Athens, Greece, Workshop6
13-14 September 2007 Hotel Holiday Inn, Athens, Greece
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Geothermal projects in El Salvador and its environmental and social aspects
In El Salvador as in several countries worldwide, the geothermal power 
projects are widely believed to be an environmentally friendly alternative for 
electricity generation and other direct uses, in particular because they produce 
only small amounts of greenhouse gases.  However, in practice, some 
geothermal projects receive very strong opposition from local and 
environmental groups, to the point where some projects have been held up for 
years, or completely stopped.  In order to achieve a successful development for 
a geothermal project the aspects concerning to the local communities and 
environmental groups must be addressed to their satisfaction, even though 
sometimes this means going beyond the mandates of law.

LaGeo as part of  its Corporative Values has Social Responsibility issues that 
covers several local communities involve activities like geothermal education, 
computer class for primary school, banana farm, wildlife conservation, etc.
In spite of Social Responsibility concerns, the public acceptance for the 
geothermal development is not yet in the level to move forward smoothly. This 
kind of development is seen in LaGeo as both a moral imperative and good 
business practice.
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Place: Hotel Holiday Inn, Athens, Greece
50 Michalacopoulou st, 11528, Athens
Room: Cosmos B, C
Starting date:
13-Sep-2007   12:00
Duration: 20'
Primary Authors: MONTERROSA, Manuel (LaGeo S.A.)
Presenters: MONTERROSA, Manuel
Material: slides Slides

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