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Mid-Term Conference - Potsdam, Germany
Mid-Term Conference - Potsdam, Germany
9-12 January 2007 GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam
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Volcanic Systems and Thermal Regimes: A major theme of the ICDP
The International Continental Scientific Drilling Program, ICDP aims with its efforts
on topics of high scientific priority and its drilling projects are conducted at
locations of global geological significance. The program focuses on challenging
themes of both geoscientific and socio-economic relevance such as Earth history and
climate, natural hazards, impact structures and mass extinctions, deep biosphere, and
also volcanic systems and thermal regimes. The latter is presently being addressed
though the Icelandic Deep Drilling Project, in which supercritical fluids will be
investigated in situ. Previously supported drilling projects with a major
volcanological and geothermal component comprise the Long Valley Exploration Well in
California, the Hawaii Deep Drilling Project, and the Unzen Volcano Drilling in
Japan. Currently, the Campi Flegrei Caldera in Italy and the Mutnovsky Volcano in
Kamchtka, Russia are being developed as new project proposals within the ICDP.

On the one hand, ICDP funds drilling operations and drilling-related activities with
international financial contributions paid from the annual membership fees of the
currently 13 ICDP member countries. On the other hand, ICDP provides
scientific-technical assistance through its Operational Support Group (OSG) and
offers access to the ICDP equipment pool and operational expertise.
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Place: GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam
14473 Potsdam
Room: Building H, auditorium and seminar rooms
Starting date:
10-Jan-2007   15:40
Duration: 20'
Primary Authors: HARMS, Ulrich (GFZ)
Presenters: HARMS, Ulrich
Material: slides Slides

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