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Electricity generation from Enhanced Geothermal Systems - Strasbourg, France, Workshop5
Electricity generation from Enhanced Geothermal Systems - Strasbourg, France, Workshop5
14-16 September 2006 Hôtel Regent Petite France
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Presentation of Geothermal Project “Unterhaching”, Germany
Short Presentation of Rödl & Partner
Rödl & Partner is one of the biggest international auditing and consulting firms. 
Rödl & Partner engages 2.430 employees on 49 international locations and on 22 
locations in Germany. Within the business unit Public Management Consulting and the 
department of infrastructure, the Competence Center “Renewable Energies” focuses on 
Renewable Energy Technologies. Project management, financing advisory, tariff 
models, PPP-models and emission trade are the main subjects of the consulting 
services. Rödl & Partner is assigned for the overall project management of the 
geothermal pilot project Unterhaching and provided already services in the field of 
renewable energies to the Worldbank, UNEP, Federal Ministry of Environment and 
numerous client from the private and public sector.

Summary of Presentation
Geothermal Project Unterhaching
Geothermal Unterhaching Limited, owned by 100 % by the community, implements a 
hydrogeothermal project with combined heat and power generation based on a 
geothermal doublet drilled down to depths of approx. 3,350 m. This geothermal 
project includes the installation of a power generation plant, district heat 
network, heat plant, thermal water pipeline and pump system. For the first time a 
power generation plant unsing the Kalina-Process will be installed in Germany. The 
first drilling was finished successfully in September 2004. The final pump test 
results are: thermal water at 122 °C and a flow rate of 150 l/s. The second drilling 
for reinjection of thermal water has started in June 2006 in the South-East of 
Unterhaching. The two drillings have a distance of about four km and are connected 
by a thermal water pipeline. 
The geothermal energy, respectively thermal water at a temperature is pumped up by 
one borehole, the so-called production well. At surface it is either cooled down by 
the power plant (evaporating ammonium-water mixture) or during winter time providing 
heat energy for the district heating network. The exact flow volume is determined by 
the demand of district heat network (“heat-guided system”). The cooled water is 
pumped back to the same aquifer by the second borehole, the so-called reinjection 
well. The aquifer is the thermal water reservoir in the subsurface, which is located 
in the Molasse Basin in South Germany.
The Kalina power plant will have a capacity of 3.36 MWel. The generated power will 
be fed into the public network at a regulated fee (Renewable Energy Act) of 0.15 € / 
kWh. In Unterhaching the thermal capacity of the geothermal production well will be 
approx. 38 MWth. The district heating network is realized in two construction 
phases. The installed capacity in the first construction phase is about 28 MWth and 
for the second one it will reach 40 MWth.
Presently the project is in the construction phase: district heating network, 
reinjection drilling, thermal water pipe line, power plant are under construction. 
Commissioning of the district heating network is planned for 10/2006 and of the 
power plant for the fourth quarter of 2007.
The environmental relief by the project in Unterhaching will be a considerable CO2-
reduction between 30,000 and 40,000 t per year. 

Christian Schönwiesner-Bozkurt
Head of Competence Center Renewable Energies 
Project Manager Geothermal Project Unterhaching
Associate Partner
Rödl & Partner GbR
Public Management Consulting
Äussere Sulzbacher Str. 100
90491 Nürnberg
Tel.: +49-9 11-91 93-3611
Fax.: +49-9 11-91 93-3549
Id: 39
Place: Hôtel Regent Petite France
5, rue des Moulins
67000 Strasbourg
Starting date:
15-Sep-2006   14:05
Duration: 20'
Primary Authors: Mr. SCHOENWIESNER-BOZKURT, Christian (Roedl & Partner)
Presenters: Mr. SCHOENWIESNER-BOZKURT, Christian
Material: slides Slides

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