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Electricity generation from Enhanced Geothermal Systems - Strasbourg, France, Workshop5
Electricity generation from Enhanced Geothermal Systems - Strasbourg, France, Workshop5
14-16 September 2006 Hôtel Regent Petite France
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Enex Binary Plant Ms. TRYGGVADOTTIR, Lilja slides   44
exorka Mr. GEHRINGER, Magnús slides   46
Experience in running geothermal power plants in severe climate conditions in Russia Prof. POVAROV, OLEG slides   42
Geothermal Binary Plants: Water or Air Cooled? MENDRINOS, Dimitrios paper, slides   47
Geothermal power generation by GEOCAL® NIESNER, René slides   51
Geothermal Turnkey Power Generation Solutions by Siemens Mr. JOSHI, Sameer slides   49
Kalina and Organic Rankine cycles: how to choose the best expansion turbine? Dr. MARCUCCILLI, Frederic slides   29
Low Enthalpy cycles – power plant concepts Dr. KOHLER, Silke slides   31
ORC plant Altheim - a progress report Mr. PERNECKER, Gerhard slides   27
ORC Power Plant Neustadt-Glewe Operational Experience Since 2004 Mr. FUNKE, Thomas slides   25
ORMAT ORC-units for Industry and Geothermics Mr. SCHOLZ, Christian slides   48
Possible evolution of a small double-flash geothermal unit (5 MW) Mr. TOURNAYE, Dominique slides   37
Power Production in HFR Soultz project Mr. LUTZ, philippe
Mr. FRITSCH, Daniel
slides   38
Presentation of Geothermal Project “Unterhaching”, Germany Mr. SCHOENWIESNER-BOZKURT, Christian slides   39
Status of Geothermal Electricity Generation in Europe KALTSCHMITT, Martin slides   41
The Kalina power plant in Húsavik - why Kalina and what has been learned Prof. VALDIMARSSON, Pall slides   45
The New Generation Kalina Cycle Mr. ENGELHARD, Manfred slides   30
The Organic Rankine Cycle – Power Production from Low Temperature Heat Prof. SPLIETHOFF, Hartmut slides   40
Turboden ORC systems Prof. GAIA, Mario slides   43

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