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Electricity generation from Enhanced Geothermal Systems - Strasbourg, France, Workshop5
Electricity generation from Enhanced Geothermal Systems - Strasbourg, France, Workshop5
14-16 September 2006 Hôtel Regent Petite France
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Ormat is a vertically integrated group of companies primarily engaged in the 
geothermal and recovered energy power business. ORMAT designs, develops, builds, 
owns and operates geothermal power plants and also designs, develops and builds and 
plans to own and operate recovered energy-based power plants. Additionally, the 
Company designs, manufactures and sells geothermal and recovered energy power units 
and other power generating equipment and provides related services. The ORMAT® 
Energy Converter (OEC) units, combined into modular power plants with a capacity of 
200 kW to 130 MW, use locally available heat sources, including geothermal energy 
(steam and hot water), recovered energy generation, biomass and solar energy. Ormat 
products and systems are covered by more than 70 patents. Ormat currently operates 
the following geothermal power plants: in the United States, the Philippines, in 
Guatemala, in Kenya and in Nicaragua.
This presentation will discus some technical and operational details of the latest 
developed plants such as Mokai II and Wairakei.
The Wairakei Binary Power plant located at the Wairakei Power Station near Taupo, in 
New Zealand, was inaugurated in summer 2005. The Binary plant adds approximately 10 
% of additional power to the initial base load capacity of the Power Station.
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Place: Hôtel Regent Petite France
5, rue des Moulins
67000 Strasbourg
Starting date:
14-Sep-2006   14:00
Duration: 20'
Primary Authors: LEGMANN, Hilel (ORMAT Systems Ltd)
Presenters: LEGMANN, Hilel
Material: slides Slides

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