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Electricity generation from Enhanced Geothermal Systems - Strasbourg, France, Workshop5
Electricity generation from Enhanced Geothermal Systems - Strasbourg, France, Workshop5
14-16 September 2006 Hôtel Regent Petite France
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Geothermal Turnkey Power Generation Solutions by Siemens
Siemens is a multi-business electrical engineering and electronics company, active 
in the areas of Power, Automation and Control, Transportation, Information and 
Communications, Medical, and Lighting. In 2005, Siemens had approx. 75 billion EUR 
in sales, 460.000 employees and served customers in 190 countries. The power 
generation and distribution business area of Siemens continues to be one of the 
largest players worldwide. About one-fifth of the world’s total installed capacity 
is generated using Siemens equipment. 
The Industrial Solutions and Services group provides turnkey power generation 
solutions in specific application areas like geothermal and industrial waste heat 
recovery. Siemens has delivered key components for several geothermal projects in 
the past. As a turnkey provider of geothermal power plants, Siemens was awarded 
contracts for two projects in Germany last year. The construction phase for one of 
them (Unterhaching/Munich) has already commenced.

Depending on the characteristics of the geothermal or industrial heat source, 
essentially the temperature, Siemens heat recovery solutions employ either the 
conventional water-steam cycle or the Kalina cycle.

In addition to the delivery of turnkey projects, Siemens also provides comprehensive 
solutions and services for financing and insurance, project development and 
permitting. With its widespread service network, Siemens offers a large variety of 
customized maintenance packages and life-cycle services to ensure highest levels of 
availability and performance throughout the plants’ life.

Siemens, through its various businesses, is committed to developing and deploying 
efficient technologies in the area of regenerative energies.
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Place: Hôtel Regent Petite France
5, rue des Moulins
67000 Strasbourg
Starting date:
14-Sep-2006   15:50
Duration: 20'
Primary Authors: Mr. JOSHI, Sameer (Siemens AG - Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S))
Presenters: Mr. JOSHI, Sameer
Material: slides Slides

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