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Mid-Term Conference - Potsdam, Germany
Mid-Term Conference - Potsdam, Germany
9-12 January 2007 GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam
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The ENGINE information system birthday
Partners involved in the Information and Dissemination
System of ENGINE (ENhanced Geothermal Innovative Network for
Europe) make it the vector for sharing information among the
whole ENGINE community and for promoting the works of the
Coordination Action towards decision makers and public
audience. The tasks to reach this goal consist in
facilitating the communication and exchanging good
practices, organizing conferences and workshops, compiling
and defining a publication policy for the ENGINE community,
proposing a road for geothermal education and training in
Europe, disseminating general information towards media and

The main information media is the ENGINE Web site
( dedicated to the management of the
meetings and the dissemination of the coordination action
activity. During the first year of ENGINE, 2 conferences and
3 workshops have been organized in Orléans (France), Zurich
(Switzerland), Strasbourg (France) and Potsdam (Germany).
The publication policy that has been defined allows to
produce the meeting material including proceedings on CD. 5
newsletters were issued to keep the ENGINE partners and
related informed about the news of the project. Compiling
the state of the art of the existing education centres and
degree courses in Europe has completed the first step of the
education and training task.

An overview of the geothermal lighthouse projects in Europe
is in progress to facilitate the knowledge dissemination
outside the ENGINE community. Before the end of the project,
4 workshops and the final conference will be hold in
Volterra (Italy), Reykjavik (Iceland), Milos Island
(Greece), Utrecht (Netherlands) and Vilnius (Lithuania). The
Web site will progressively host the material produced by
the ENGINE workpackages. The Information and Dissemination
System partners will make the Web site more and more
dedicated to public visitors in order to become a reference
in disseminating the European activity
on EGS.
Id: 37
Place: GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam
14473 Potsdam
Room: Building H, auditorium and seminar rooms
Starting date:
12-Jan-2007   11:35
Duration: 15'
Primary Authors: Dr. CALCAGNO, Philippe (BRGM)
Presenters: Dr. CALCAGNO, Philippe
Material: slides Slides

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