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Stimulation of reservoir and induced microseismicity - Zurich, Switzerland, Workshop3
Stimulation of reservoir and induced microseismicity - Zurich, Switzerland, Workshop3
from 29 June 2006 to 01 July 2006 Kartause Ittingen, Switzerland
Simulation of mineral precipitation in geothermal installations: the soultz-sous-forĂȘts case
Simulations of CaCO3 scale formation during flow in geothermal installations are 
presented. The development of the reaction scheme was based on lab-scale 
experiments. In this work, a dynamic optimization of the fouling process in the 
Soult-sous-ForĂȘts geothermal plant is demonstrated using the gPROMS advanced 
distributed process modeling capabilities. gPROMS (general PROcess Modeling System) 
is a simulation tool widely used for creating and executing models of any level of 
complexity, particularly in areas characterized by complex physical and chemical 
phenomena as those encountered in geothermal environments. Once an accurate 
predictive model is available it can be used for many different activities in 
analyzing and optimizing a wide range of aspects of design and operation. The 
result is improved design solutions, such as equipment dimensions, control tuning 
values and setpoint trajectories, with capital and operational savings that will be 
realized over the lifetime of the plant. 
The work considers also some of the issues associated with the generation and 
reliability of the laboratory data used in the construction of the model. The new 
laboratory scale data have been acquired from a series of tube blocking experiments 
using a nuclear technique.
Id: 7
Place: Kartause Ittingen, Switzerland
CH-8532 Warth TG
Starting date:
30-Jun-2006   11:05
Duration: 15'
Primary Authors: STAMATAKIS, Emmanuel (NCSR Demokritos)
Co-Authors: STUBOS, Athanassios (NCSR Demokritos)
Presenters: STAMATAKIS, Emmanuel
Material: paper Paper
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