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Stimulation of reservoir and induced microseismicity - Zurich, Switzerland, Workshop3
Stimulation of reservoir and induced microseismicity - Zurich, Switzerland, Workshop3
from 29 June 2006 to 01 July 2006 Kartause Ittingen, Switzerland
A Methodology for the hydro-mechanical characterisation of EGS reservoirs MEGEL, Thomas paper, slides   34
Analysis of induced microseismic events from HDR/EGS reservoirs by super resolution mapping techniques ASANUMA, Hiroshi paper, slides   4
Characterization of reservoir using microseismicity induced during stimulation tests: contribution from tomographic analysis and faulting mechanisms CUENOT, Nicolas paper, slides   16
Control of induced seismic hazard associated with the hydraulic stimulation of a hot fractured rock geothermal reservoir OATES, Steve slides   9
Detection of pressure and flow distribution in reservoirs from hydraulically-induced microseismic events and application to the Soultz and Cooper Basin HDR fields ITO, Takatoshi paper, slides   10
Elements governing the ratio (Hydraulic Performances)/(Induced Microseismic Nuisances) during the stimulation of “EGS Soultz type” reservoirs. GERARD, André paper, slides   12
Enhancement of productivity after reservoir stimulation of the hydro-thermal reservoir Gross Schoenebeck with different fracturing concepts ZIMMERMANN, Gunter paper, slides   2
Fault mechanisms of induced seismicity at the superdeep KTB borehole and their relation to fault structure and stress field BOHNHOFF, Marco slides   17
Hydraulic Fracturing and Formation Damage in a Geothermal Sedimentary Reservoir REINICKE, Andreas paper, slides   15
Hydraulic fracturing in the hydrocarbon industry FOKKER, Peter A. paper, slides   24
Hydraulic Stimulation and Geophysical Fracture Monitoring in the GeneSys-Project ORZOL, Jens slides   19
Hydro-mechanical behaviour of GPK3 and GPK4 during the hydraulic stimulation tests – Influence of the stress field BLAISONNEAU, Arnold paper, slides   13
Induced seismicity during EGS operation? RYBACH, Ladislaus "Ladsi" slides   21
Micro-Seismic Interpretation of Hydraulic Fracture Treatments DE PATER, Hans paper, slides   1
Microseismicity and flow path identification EVANS, Keith slides   11
Microseismicity and stimulation strategy: the case of soultz-sous-forêts, france CHARLETY, Jean paper, slides   23
Modelling the geochemical effects of acid treatments and comparison with field observations at soultz-sous-forets geothermal site. PORTIER, Sandrine paper, slides   18
Pre-Stimulation Analyses of a Low Permeability Geothermal Well at Desert Peak, Nevada ROBERTSON-TAIT, Ann paper, slides   20
Results of flow-meters measurements in Soultz-sous-Forêts well GPK4 and implication for mechanisms of fracturing processes in crystalline rocks JUNG, Reinhard slides   27
Review of Hydraulic Stimulation Technology JUNG, Reinhard paper, slides   30
Simulation of mineral precipitation in geothermal installations: the soultz-sous-forêts case STAMATAKIS, Emmanuel paper, slides   7
Stimulation of geothermal wells in basaltic rock in Iceland AXELSSON, Gudni paper, slides   5
Stimulation Techniques and implications from microseismicity KOHL, Thomas paper, slides   25
The importance of natural rock stress in the stimulation process, and the difficulty of its characterisation EVANS, Keith slides   22
Understanding stimulation methods and microseismicity BARIA, Roy paper   35
Welcome Introduction to Workshop KOHL, Thomas
LEDRU, Patrick
slides   28

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