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Launching Conference - Orléans, France
Launching Conference - Orléans, France
12-15 February 2006 BRGM, Orléans, France
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OS - Opening Session
The national and European strategies for the development of renewable energies, the contribution of geothermal energy, Session chaired by Ph. Vesseron, President of the BRGM, with the participation of the European Commission officer and representatives of public bodies and stakeholders.

S1 - Session 1
State of the art in current and future geothermal activity in Europe

S2 - Session 2
What needs for successful investigation of Enhanced Geothermal Systems?

S3 - Session 3
Where shall we find new geothermal resources at depth at the scale of Europe?

S4 - Session 4
What lessons from the oil and geothermal field exploitation for the stimulation of the reservoir?

S5 - Session 5
How to improve exploitation and cost-effectiveness of geothermal energy and manage environmental and social impacts?

S6 - Session 6
How to promote geothermal energy through dissemination of knowledge, education and training ?


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