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Launching Conference - Orléans, France
Launching Conference - Orléans, France
12-15 February 2006 BRGM, Orléans, France
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3D strength and thermal model of intraplate Europe Ms. TESAURO, Magdala poster Poster 20
A review of the results presented in WGC 2005 concerning the investigations of enhanced geothermal systems Mr. MENDRINOS, Dimitrios paper, slides Talk 40
Capacity to Promote Geothermal Energy (contribution shortly presented) Dr. GENTER, Albert slides Talk 57
Current status of the EGS Gross Schönebeck project within the North German basin: main achievements and perspectives Dr. HUENGES, Ernst slides Talk 30
Current status of the EGS Soultz project: main achievements, results and targets FRITSCH slides Talk 19
Current status of the high enthalpy conventional geothermal fields in Europe and the potential perspectives for their exploitation in terms of EGS MANZELLA, Adele paper, slides Talk 37
Development of Polish Geothermics in relationship to heat flow data Ms. WROBLEWSKA, Marta slides Talk 23
Development of the geothermal energy in Turkey, state of art and perspectives Mr. KAYA, TEVFIK slides Talk 48
Drilling, stimulation and reservoir assessment for EGS and UGR projects Dr. KOHL, Thomas paper, slides Talk 24
EC support to geothermal energy research and demonstration Dr. SCHUPPERS, Jeroen slides Talk 11
EGS prospects in Hungary DOVENY slides Talk 14
EGS resource in France and Europe Dr. GENTER, Albert slides Talk 15
Enhanced Geothermal Systems: challenges and problems ahead RYBACH, Ladislaus "Ladsi" slides Talk 13
Evaluation of the different geophysical exploration methods through analysis of experiences in Europe and overseas FABRIOL, Hubert slides Talk 41
Geothermal development in the volcanic Caribbean islands and EGS perspectives TRAINEAU slides Talk 44
Geothermal energy and strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Dr. FOUILLAC, Christian slides Talk 10
Geothermal exploration in the Upper Rhine valley in Germany Dr. BAUMGAERTNER, Joerg slides Talk 21
Geothermal reservoir characterisation of clastic sedimentary targets – needs and gaps Dr. HOLL, Heinz-Gerd slides Talk 49
Geothermal reservoir management a thirty year practice in the Paris Basin Dr. UNGEMACH, PIERRE paper, slides Talk 42
How EGS is investigated in the case of the Larderello geothermal field? Mr. CAPPETTI, Guido slides Talk 47
Hydraulic stimulation of EGS: A comparison of the HDR-project Soultz and the GeneSys project Dr. TISCHNER, Torsten slides Talk 28
Hydro-mechanical modeling of fractured crystalline reservoirs hydraulically stimulated GENTIER slides Talk 31
Information and dissemination of knowledge in the field of geothermal energy MANZELLA, Adele paper, slides Talk 53
Lithosphere temperatures and geothermal energy CLOETINGH slides Talk 17
Magnetotelluric in combination with seismic data for geothermal exploration MANZELLA, Adele slides Talk 43
Microseismicity developments during hydraulic stimulations at Soultz-sous-Forêts Dr. DORBATH, Louis slides Talk 27
Needs and requirements for high temperature instrumentation in extreme geothermal environment Dr. ASMUNDSSON, Ragnar slides Talk 25
Overview of chemical stimulations of EGS and non EGS reservoirs Dr. VUATAZ, François-D. slides Talk 32
Policies and strategies for the development of geothermal energy Mr. KALTSCHMITT, Martin slides Talk 12
Promotion of the geothermal energy through education and training Prof. ROSCA, Marcel paper, slides Talk 52
Requirements for the Development of EGS Dr. MEGEL, Thomas slides Talk 34
Rising open questions on investigation of Enhanced Geothermal Systems, as addressed by the I-GET project BRUHN, David slides Talk 45
Scale detection in geothermal systems: the use of nuclear monitoring techniques Dr. STAMATAKIS, Emmanuel paper, slides Talk 39
Temperature profiles in geothermal systems Dr. GUILLOU-FROTTIER, Laurent slides Talk 18
The calculation methods of technological processes of underground heat extraction (contribution not presented) Prof. ALISHAEV, Mukhtar paper, slides   58
The environmental impact of the geothermal industry Mr. MENDRINOS, Dimitrios paper, slides Talk 36
The GeneSys- and Prometheus-Projects: concepts for the extraction of heat from deep and tight sedimentary rock Dr. ORZOL, Jens slides Talk 35
The geothermal use of HHP granites: the recycling of an old concept Dr. FOERSTER, ANDREA slides Talk 22
The information system of the ENGINE co-ordination action Dr. CALCAGNO, Philippe slides Talk 51
The LOW-BIN project of DG-TREN (efficient low temperature geothermal binary power) aiming in improving EGS exploitation costs Dr. KARYTSAS, CONSTANTINE slides Talk 50
The Swiss Deep Heat Mining programme: activities and perspectives Dr. HOPKIRK, Robert paper, slides Talk 29
Tracer techniques for the characterisation of geothermal reservoirs Prof. SAUTER, Martin slides   56
Trigeneration with geothermal energy - potentials and pitfalls of combined supply with power, heating, and cooling Dr. KOHLER, Silke slides Talk 38
Welcome from the Chairman Michèle Pappalardo - ADEME PAPPALARDO, Michèle french version, paper   55
Welcome from the Chairman Philippe Vesseron - BRGM VESSERON, Philippe french version, paper Talk 54
Why a co-ordination action about Enhanced Geothermal System? Dr. LEDRU, PATRICK slides Talk 16

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