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Risk analysis for development of geothermal energy - Leiden, The Netherlands, Workshop7
Risk analysis for development of geothermal energy - Leiden, The Netherlands, Workshop7
7-9 November 2007 Naturalis-National Museum of Natural History
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A step in the management of a project: uncertainties related to regulation. Example of the juridical and administrative environment of the Soultz EGS project Mr. CUENOT, Nicolas slides talk 6
Analysis of Local Environmental Impacts through Geothermal Power Generation - A case study how to assess environmental risks in Germany - Mrs. FRICK, Stephanie slides talk 5
Combining Areal Underground and Infrastructure Data to Minimize Exploration and Economic Risks Mr. KOHL, Thomas slides talk 10
Correlation between hydrocarbon reservoir properties and induced seismicity in the Netherlands Mr. VAN EIJS, Rob slides talk 4
Decision & Risk Analysis in the oil and gas exploration & production industry Mr. BOS, Christiaan slides talk 8
Geothermal Power in Turkey (GEOPOT) Dr. HARCOUET, Virginie slides talk 0
How to optimize drilling strategies and reservoir management: lessons learned from the Soultz EGS project. Dr. GENTER, Albert slides talk 2
Increasing policy makers’ awareness and public acceptance Mr. KARYTSAS, Constantine slides talk 11
Quantification of Exploration Risks for Hydrogeothermal Wells Mr. SCHELLSCHMIDT, Rüdiger poster poster 1
Technical and socio-economic risk evaluation for the development of the geothermal energy in Europe Mr. LEDRU, Patrick slides talk 7
The EGS Soultz project and its social environment: How to reduce the risk of public opposition Mr. CUENOT, Nicolas slides talk 3
Using Decision support models to analyse the performance of deep geothermal projects Mr. VAN WEES, Jan Diederik slides talk 9

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