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18/11/2008 Perth, Australia

Australian GeothermalEnergy Association meeting
Limagne presentation

Philippe Calcagno
5-6/11/2008 Adelaide, Australia Australian Geothermal Energy Group "Geothermal workshop"
ENGINE presentation
Philippe Calcagno
5-8/10/2008 Reno, USA Geothermal Research Council 2008
ENGINE paper, talk and poster
Philippe Calcagno
22-24/09/2008 Firenze, Italy

Limagne extended abstract
Limagne poster

Philippe Calcagno
6-14/08/2008 Oslo, Norway 33rd International Geological Congress
ENGINE presentation
Limagne presentation
Patrick Ledru & Philippe Calcagno
27/07-1/08/2008 Ulan-Ude, Russia "Saving ressources and renewable sources of energy: economy, ecology, practical application" secretariat
9/06/2008 Rome, Italy EAGE Conference, "Geosciences for geothermal exploration:An Integrated approach"
Induced seismicity presentation

Adele Manzella

Keith Evans

29-30/05/2008 Baile Felix, Romania Clean and Available Energy”, the 14th Conference of Energy Engineering secretariat
24/04/2008 Freiburg, Germany 4th International Geothermal Conference Marcus Brian
27-28/02/2008 Potsdam, Germany Geothermische Technologien - Vom Reservoir zur Kilowattstunde VDI-Society Energy Technology
5-8/11/2007 Bratislava,
Slovak Republic
Geothermal waters; their use and removal Scientific secretary
29-31/10/2007 Bochum, Germany Der Geothermiekongress 2007
29-31/10/2007 Mainz, Germany First European Geothermal Review First European Geothermal Review
10-12/10/2007 Beja, Portugal European Meeting Point: Energy for Development 2007 Raquel Segurado
30/09-3/10/2007 Reno, USA Geothermal Research Council 2007
ENGINE presentation
Patrick Ledru
27-29/08/2007 Aachen, Germany Short Course Announcement: Process Modelling of Hydrothermal Systems course secretariat
12-13/06/2007 Dallas, USA Geothermal Energy Utilization Associated with Oil & Gas Development
ENGINE presentation
David Blackwell
7-8/06/2007 Baile Felix, Romania 12th Conference of Power Engineering Conference secretariat
30/05-1/06/2007 Unterhaching, Germany European Geothermal Congress EGC 2007
ENGINE presentation
EGC2007 secretariat
19/04/2007 Freiburg, Germany 3rd International Conference on Geothermal Energy Conference secretariat
15-18/04/2007 Capri, Italy EGM 2007 International Workshop (Innovation in EM, Grav and Mag Methods: a new Perspective for Exploration) Angela Marchetto
29-30/03/2007 Setúbal, Portugal International Seminar on Advanced Decentralised Energy Generation Raquel Segurado
26-29/03/2007 Aachen, Germany 67th Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft Christoph Clauser
22-24/01/2007 Stanford, USA Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
(32th Stanford Geothermal Workshop)
Laura Garner
24/11-2/12/2006 Addis Abeba, Ethiopia First African Geothermal Conference-ARGeo-C1 hydrogeology@ethionet.et
24/11/2006 Brussels, Belgium

Geothermal workshop of the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC)
Agenda and ENGINE presentation

Albert Genter
21-22/11/2006 Budapest, Hungary Multi-Country workshop on EU legislation and best practices in geology for sustainable use of natural resources
Agenda and ENGINE presentation
Wahid Rofagha
26-27/09/2006 Mexico City, Mexico Latin America Countries - EU Workshop
Minutes and presentation for ENGINE
Patrick Ledru
4-6/09/2006 San Diego, USA Geothermal Research Council 2006
ENGINE presentation
Patrick Ledru
5-6/07/2006 Melbourne, Australia AESC Geothermal Symposium Graeme Beardsmore
BRGM, Orléans, France "Paralana Enhanced Geothermal Project, South Australia: Exploring for Radiogenic Heat"
by Peter Reid, Petratherm, Australia
"Quantifying EGS Success: A Comparison of Hydraulic Stimulation Experiments at the Soultz, France and California Fields"
by Peter Rose, Utah Uni., USA
Albert Genter
MeSy GmbH Bochum, Germany "The HDR project Cooper Basin, Geodynamics Ltd. Australia"
by Ralph Weidler, Q-Con, Bergzabern, Germany
Fritz Rummel

BRGM - 3, avenue Claude Guillemin - BP 6009 - 45060 Orléans cedex 2 - France